Receding Gums Grow Back: DentalPro7 Extremely powerful

Do Receding Gums Grow Back – Causes of receding gums. Do receding gums grow back? The receding gum is unable to grow back in natural way but you can stop or determine dentist treatment.

Causes of receding gums

The recedinggum is happen due to several causes, start from brushing teeth with too much pressure, lifestyle habit, alignment of your gums, and your oral care habit.

What happen when your gums receded?

Do Receding gums grow back – The purpose of your gum is to protect your teeth. This protection is done by two ways. The first is by attached the gingiva securely and connects to bone. Second is unattached ways, this means the gingival mucosa protects the gum’s and cheeks’ inside.

Do receding gums grow back – Treating receding gum

When the gums no return back on with their own, there are several ways that able to do to treat recedinggums. The option of treatment to choose is depend to the condition of the gums recession and the symptom that appears.

The first option offered by your dentist might be a gum grafts for replace the gum tissue that being lost. The procedure of gum grafting is taking the gum tissue from one area and then transfer to the gum area.  For patient that report signs of gum disease, then dentist probably perform the deep cleaning into teeth, removing any bacteria and debris before attach the tissue.

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Do Receding Gums Grow Back

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Another method for treating receding gum is the technique of pinhole surgical. This is technique that manipulates the existing gum tissue over to the exposed root.  This method has been proven have high success and high satisfaction from patient.   In case where gumsrecession is mild, then your dentist might recommend for preventing further recession rather than treating the existed recession.

Prevent the gum recession

Do receding gums grow back – When you have treated your receding gum, the next step is finding the best prevention ways to reduce the risk from recession gum in future and worsening receding gum.

If the recession happen because the patient brushing teeth vigorously or using hard bristle toothbrush, you might suggested by dentist to ease up your brushing and use less pressure when brushing your teeth. This will not repair the existing recession gums, but this will likely prevent the receding gum continue and worsening.

If you smoker, giving up and determine good oral habit will help you to prevent further receding.  If you have crooked teeth or your receding gum is due to misaligned bite, correct your bite can help you to prevent continuing or stop the receding gums.

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Do Receding Gums Grow Back


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