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Get rid toothache quickly – Simple Home Remedies

Get rid toothache quickly is a dream for all people who always suffer with this annoying feeling especially at night. It is difficult for you to sleep well at night when you feel toothache.

You who suffer with toothache better know how reduce your pain or eliminate toothache forever. If you can’t leave your home and go to dentist, you can do some simple home remedies. You can try one or more way that will make you free from toothache.

Use Peppermint Tea Bag

Get Rid Of Toothache QuicklyOne of some ways to get rid of toothache quickly is by using peppermint tea bag. What you need to do is making tea bag wet and then apply in the aching tooth. Applying cold tea bag in your tooth for several minutes will make you feel better. You can repeat it for several times until the pain is disappeared. Peppermint tea bag offers cool feeling on your tooth so you will feel refresh and in the same time there is no toothache again.

Using cold compress such as using peppermint tea bag or other tea bag is known as effective way to remove pain of your tooth. If you don’t have peppermint tea bag, you can use simple ice wrapped in the towel and you can apply ice wrapped on the side of your jaw or face. It helps you to constrict blood vessel especially in the area and it can reduce pain. When you are free from pain, you can be easy to sleep.

Get rid toothache quickly – Use Saltwater on Your Mouth

The next way to get rid from your toothache is by using salty water. Salty water usually is used by some dentists too. Why so many people recommend you to use salty water? Salty water is natural antibacterial that will be in fast time reduce inflammation. Inflammation is main factor that will make you feel suffer with your toothache. You don’t need to worry because you can make salty water in your home in easy way.


What you need to do is swishing warm your mouth by using salty water. If you feel better then you can go to the dentist and get next treatment. Some dentists offer you pain reliever to decrease toothache so you still can do your activities without feel suffer with toothache. If you rinse your mouth by using salty water, you can remove gums and also debris that stuck on your mouth or your tooth.

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Get rid toothache quickly – Use Clove

Get Rid Of Toothache QuicklyThe last way to get rid of toothache quickly get rid from your toothache by using clove. Clove is popular to be used in long time to help people free from toothache. What you need to do is soaking the cloves and make it like a paste and then you need to apply it in your tooth. You can also chew the clove and it will help you to relieve pain in fast time. If you rinse your mouth by using salty water, you can remove gums and also debris that stuck on your mouth or your tooth.

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In order to prevent toothache coming again in future time, you must know cause of your toothache first. You can simply reduce your pain by using clove, rinse your out with salty water and using cold peppermint tea bag. Don’t forget to visit your dentist twice per year and consult more about how to get rid of toothache quickly.

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