Dental Pro 7 is Unmatched: How to Clear Bad Breath

How to Clear Bad Breath – Dental Pro 7 is Unmatched

Keeping Your Gums Healthy – If you are looking for gum and dental treatment, Dental Pro 7 is unmatched.. People underestimate the health of gums until the receding gums hitting.

They thought that their gums are in healthy condition and need no treatment. American Dental Hygienist Association showed that almost seventy-five percent of American are having gum disease, but they don’t aware or neglect it.

And so are the teeth health, people ignore the advice to check up the dental condition every six months, but they only come when the pain strikes down. Are you one of these people?

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Dental Pro 7 is Unmatched – The health of Gums affects your physical health.

Gums are soft skin tissue that covers the bones of the teeth. It provides a tight seal to protect against bacteria attack and support the bones keeping the teeth on the place. Brushing teeth is important to remove particles from the teeth and gum. The sediment of food particles could cause a plaque formation to grow on the teeth. Besides brushing teeth, flossing periodically could prevent these bacterial biofilms to form.

If you think the plaque is not significant to your overall health, think again! Plaque can accumulate in the gap between teeth and gums. It can release toxins that make the gum irritating and swelling.

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This gum disease is called gingivitis

The symptoms of gingivitis are swelling gums, bright red gums, Inflamed and bleeding gums, especially after brushing and flossing. In some cases, it causes unbearable pain when the gums are touched. When it happens, in most cases the disease is already in severe condition.

Gingivitis could progress into periodontal disease. In a severe, teeth could be loose from the bone. It could either fall unconsciously or be pulled away. Yikes! Besides destroying gums and bone around the teeth, it increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, and delayed memory.

Medical Researchers had done extensive research that periodontal disease is slowly lead to cardiovascular and respiratory infections. Recent research also shows a link between Alzheimer’s and gum disease.

Gingivitis increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory infection in several ways. Bacteria in the gums could proliferate and expand into neighboring organs. The bacteria could permeate through the tissue, and hitchhike the blood through the capillary systems into anywhere the blood flows, including heart and brain. The bacteria also have access to the respiratory system by inhaling.

Digestive system

The bacteria could also be ingested into digestive system, but the enzyme in the stomach generally could handle it. In short, this condition increases the possibility of bacteria to get in and make trouble.

To prevent that, always take meticulous care into your teeth and gums, and routinely checkup into a dentist. If the sign of gum disease appears, immediately go to doctor. You could be prescribed by several antibiotics, and consult about another prescription like Dental Pro 7.

Some people might think that the swelling will just go away. Some rare cases might make it possible that it might heal itself. But if you think that way, you could lead yourself into severe condition of gums disease. You also expose yourself to a higher risk of cardiovascular and respiratory infections.

Bad Breath: indication of bad oral health

Bad breath is also known for fetor oris and halitosis. Besides making you embarrassed and anxious, bad

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breath is also a sign of Gingivitis. Bad oral hygiene is the main factor of halitosis.

Other factors are tobacco that you smoke, the food you eat, and dry mouth. Smoking tobacco could leave distinctive aroma and increase the risk of gum disease which could worsen the bad breath. Eating some foods, like meat, garlic and onion are also making unpleasant aroma.

One type of bacteria that causes bad breath is Helicobacter pylori. The bacteria, which lives in the mouth, also cause stomach ulcers and cancer. The bacteria secrete methyl mercaptan, hydrogen sulphide, and dimethyl sulphide. These volatile compounds smell unpleasant and being an indicator of gastrointestinal disease.

Gums disease are Treponema denticola

Other bacteria that related to gums disease are Treponema denticola, Porphyromonas gingivalis, and Prevotella intermedia. These bacteria will cause bad odor to burst out from your mouth. When bad breath happens, you have to be mindful that there are bacteria on your mouth that releasing toxins. As mentioned above, bad breath is a sign of bad oral condition, which could lead to a serious problem if left uncared. To minimize the risk you could do several oral hygiene routines:

  1. Brush teeth

Brushing teeth is fundamental oral hygiene. The majority of the doctor recommends brushing teeth twice a day at a minimum. Don’t brush teeth furiously, it could cause the gums to bleed, exposing gums into harmful bacteria.

  1. Teeth Floss

Teeth Floss is also recommended by several dentists. It could reach the gap that the brush cannot reach. Take a reminder, that floss also could injure the teeth Enamel.

  1. Rinse

Mouth wash will rinse the moth and kill the batteries in it. It will also dissolve food particles and clean part of the mouth which only water could reach.

  1. Scrape tongue

Dental Pro 7 is UnmatchedScrapping a tongue will remove the bacteria layer that lives on the dead cells of the tongue. You could use a spoon or a special tool designed to scrape the tongue. Some brushes also feature tongue scraper.

  1. Drink more water.

Water will dissolve food material that left in the mouth. Drinking water also stimulates the gland to produce more saliva, a natural body mechanism to fight bacteria in the mouth.

These oral hygiene are not only preventing you from bad breath but also gingivitis and even periodontal. So, if you wonder what causes red gums? You might address the problem of oral hygiene.

Take oral hygiene as a serious consideration. Prevention is better than medication. But when the prevention fails, go to a doctor for a consultation, and try to discuss Dental Pro 7 as prescription. Dental Pro 7 is Unmatched

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