What are Bleeding Gums: Dental Pro 7 Eliminate Bleeding Gum

What are Bleeding Gums?, Is It A Serious Disease?

Do you ever get bleeding gums? What are bleeding gums a sign of? Well, during this time you might just consider it a small thing. Commonly, most people will think that their gums are bleeding because they are too spirit and even so hard when brushing their teeth. However, it is better to be alert, the bleeding gums sometimes may be an indication of serious diseases.

What are Bleeding Gums – Gingivitis

What are Bleeding Gums a sign of: Gum inflammation or generally called gingivitis is a kind of disease that attacks your mouth then, it will make the gums of yours more prone and sensitive to bleeding. This disease can increase all plaque which has strongly stuck even in a long time to the line of gum. Besides the bleeding gums, it can also swell off the gums and even around your gums will perfectly pain.


One sign of leukemia (blood cancer) is bleeding gums. This can happen because leukemia patients have a lack of normal blood cells. In leukemia, abnormal blood cells are produced by the spinal cord. These abnormal blood cells can then replace normal blood cells. Finally, your lovely body can fight the infection easily, even it is very difficult to deliver oxygen and control the bleeding.

What are Bleeding Gums – Periodontitis

If you get gingivitis disease and it has been worse, the new disease called Periodontitis may easily occur. It Periodontitismeans that advanced gingivitis disease will attack you, it is periodontitis. This disease of periodontitis may gum infection, jawbone, and even connective tissue infection between the gums and teeth. This disease can also make the teeth of yours to date or stretch.

Lack of vitamins

Bleeding teeth may also be an indication if you are getting the deficiencies of vitamin, especially K and C vitamins. These two beneficial vitamins are very needed in the clotting of

What are bleeding gums a sign of

blood. Deficiencies of the two vitamins will not occur if your food intake containing vitamin C and vitamin K is sufficient. Some food sources that contain vitamin C are oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, broccoli, and potatoes. Meanwhile, foods that contain vitamin K are spinach, kale leaves, lettuce, soybeans, and olive oil.


Another blood-related diseases which also have signs of bleeding gums is hemophilia. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that can be inherited. This kind of disease may cause excessive or abnormal bleeding and also poor clotting of blood. The disorders of blood clotting may be the cause of bleeding symptoms or bleeding gum occurring in hemophilia.


One sign of thrombocytopenia is bleeding gums. Thrombocytopenia or low blood platelet counts that your body can excrete cannot clot blood completely if you add to the wound. Thrombocytopenia can cause severe bleeding.


What are Bleeding Gums a sign ofWhat are Bleeding Gums a sign of: Diabetes is actually a disease which gives a reciprocal impact on the disease of gum or the gum bleeding. It means that the disease of gum may happen when you get disease of Diabetes. Even, the diabetes you have may be worse when you also get the disease of gum.

Diabetes can improve the strength of microbes in the mouth against bacteria, so bacteria in the mouth can easily make dental plaque. In addition, high blood sugar levels in diabetics can make gum disease worse. On the other hand, gum disease will also make diabetes more difficult to control.

Those are commonly what are bleeding gums a sign of. In other words, we should be careful and care well when getting bleeding gum.

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