Toothpaste Uses: Benefits and Reasons of Dental Pro 7

6 Toothpaste Uses, Benefits, and Reasons Why You Must Brush Your Teeth Regularly

What are your toothpaste uses and the benefits of brushing your teeth regularly? Teeth cleanliness is a very important thing to maintain. It prevents many problems such as toothache, bleeding gum, sprue, cavities, and more. The most common thing to do is brush your teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Talking about toothpaste, the main ingredient to produce it is fluoride. Fluoride is a kind of natural ingredient that can be found in water, stones, plants, bones, and teeth themselves. When it is produced in such a way, fluoride is a very effective substance to prevent and heal damages on teeth.

Nowadays, fluoride is not the only ingredient and substance to use in toothpaste. Producers use other materials such as plant extracts to maintain the teeth; health even more. By combining all the materials, toothpaste uses are more effective. Below, there are some benefits of brushing your teeth using toothpaste and how toothpaste actually works.

toothpaste uses
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toothpaste uses – Slowing Down the Process of Demineralization

You may consume many tasty foods every day including them sugar and carbohydrate. When the bacteria in the mouth break sugar and carbohydrate, those bacteria automatically produce acid. Gradually, the acid scrapes minerals elements from the enamel. The process is named demineralization.

When the enamel loses its minerals, teeth become prone to problems such as cavities.

Fluoride in the toothpaste slows down the process of demineralization. So, make sure to brush your teeth with toothpaste at least 3 times a day to prevent any problems inside your mouth cavity.

toothpaste uses – Bringing Back the Strength of Enamel

One of the toothpaste uses is to bring back the strength or function of the teeth enamel. The acid produced by bacteria scrapes and broken important substances such as calcium and phosphate contained in the enamel. Fluoride in the toothpaste strengthens the enamel and those important substances or minerals are back. It works by catching minerals from saliva and this is how calcium and phosphate are produced.

Toothpaste uses include Preventing Cavities

The next benefit of fluoride is its ability to prevent cavities. If the enamel is strong enough, generally, the teeth are also getting stronger and not fragile. Cavities can be prevented.

Even toothpaste uses with fluoride can also repair damaged teeth or teeth with cavities. Fluoride strengthens enamel that improves the strength of the teeth in general. This is how cavity problems actually are solved only by brushing them regularly.

Maybe you are a little bit doubtful. If brushing teeth only can repair the teeth condition, why doesn’t happen to you? Of course, it takes time. Fluoride contained in the toothpaste is commonly below 1%. It works but you must brush your teeth regularly for some months to see the results.

If you want to see the result faster, you may need to use toothpaste with more fluoride content. However, the fluoride content must also be balanced with other substances to prevent a risk namely fluorosis.

Dental Pro 7 is a recommended product with more content of fluoride but still very good for your health as well as not risking you with the fluorosis effect.

Preventing the Growth of Dangerous Bacteria

There are so many types of bacteria in our mouths. Some of them are beneficial while some others are dangerous. Of course, one of the dangerous bacteria in them causes cavities and other mouth problems.

Cavities are caused by infection by bacteria that use sweets to produce acid. Fluoride tends to be alkaline to fight against bacteria that produce acid. Besides, the bacteria are also killed and prevented to grow so that there are no further problems related to the teeth damage.

You should know that the action of fluoride in fighting against bacteria is temporary. Later, when you stop using toothpaste and still consume foods, particularly the sweet ones, bacteria again appear and multiply.

This is how they damage the enamel and causes cavity. That’s why cleaning your teeth with toothpaste with fluoride is a must. This is the next benefit of toothpaste uses.

Teeth Whitening

Dullness and yellowish layers in teeth are caused by tartar. Tartar itself is formed from the remains of foods that are attached and thickened on your teeth. This happens before further problems like the cavity. So, if you want to bring the white color of your teeth back, it means the tartar must be removed first. So, here is the next benefit of toothpaste use. Regular toothbrushing enables you to remove tartar. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight. You may also need support from a dentist through the scaling process.

Preventing Bad Breath

Too many bacteria inside the mouth causes bad breath also. It may make you feel not confident and comfortable. Prevent the problem with toothpaste uses. It kills bacteria and makes your breath more refreshing. Bad breath also commonly appears when cavities have happened. If cavities are prevented and healed, it helps you from bad breath also.