Toothpaste Chemical Formula: Dental Pro 7 is no chemicals

5 Dangerous Toothpaste Chemical Formula

Toothpaste Chemical Formula ingredient becomes the priority in making any toothpaste products. Toothpaste is a daily necessity for cleaning teeth and mouth. However, when you use it, you must be careful because it contains some dangerous chemical substances for your health. There will be some substances that are risky to body health if you use them every day.

Toothpaste Chemical Formula


Dangerous Substances in Toothpaste

There will be some dangerous substances in toothpaste. You must prevent using it daily because it is harmful to your mouth health.

  1. Toothpaste Chemical Formula ingredient Carrageenan

A substance from seaweed is usually used to cause thickening colon irritation and inflammation. It also causes the growth of cancer cells in the body. When you use the toothpaste product with carrageenan,  you must be careful using it. Try to find another product of free carrageenan.

  1. Diethanolamine

In toothpaste, this substance is used to make toothpaste. However, it is riskily irritating the eyes and skin. It is more dangerous when the DEA is reacting to another substance. It can cause heart cancer. Make sure that you buy a toothpaste product with a low content of this toothpaste chemical formula.

  1. Toothpaste Chemical Formula ingredient Fluoride

A mineral in toothpaste is used to strengthen teeth email including preventing gingivitis. However, a study reveals that fluoride can cause bone cancer in men and brain function disturbances. Do you want to take this risk?

  1. Formaldehyde-Releasing

This toothpaste chemical formula releases formaldehyde that can be absorbed through mouth membranes. It causes skin and mouth irritation causing the other allergies. You must be aware of this formula.

  1. Toothpaste Chemical Formula ingredient Paraben

This natural chemical substance is to be flavored on the toothpaste. It claims to disturb the endocrine and cause cancer. There Are also reproduction problems when you use it continuously.

Some Chemical Contents in Toothpaste

There will be some reviews of the most contents in the toothpaste. You must understand the following contents before you buy a particular toothpaste.

  1. Formaldehyde

It is claimed to be formal usually found in toothpaste. Some manufacturers claim this content but they mention that this toothpaste chemical formula is fair. Formaldehyde can kill all small bacteria on the teeth when you are sleeping. However, don’t swallow it because it can cause yellow disease, kidney, heart damage, and death.

  1. Detergent

Appearing foam on the toothpaste is caused by the content of detergent. You must be careful with this chemical substance. If you swallow it, it can cause a burning process of a digestive channel.

  1. Seaweed

Slimy is a character of toothpaste. It is due to the content of seaweed. The content is not poisonous. It tends to contain good nutrition for mouth health. It is a natural substance in toothpaste.

  1. Peppermint and Menthol

This oil will make your breath fresh. Don’t swallow it because it can cause muscle tremors and vomit. Menthol makes a mint flavor on the toothpaste. It doesn’t make the content of glycerine, paraffin, detergent, titanium dioxide, and seaweed taste.

How to Select the Best Toothpaste

Though it is paste or gel, all toothpaste products have general compounds and contents. You must concern about the toothpaste chemical formula.

  1. Active Content

Toothpaste is usually made of active substances with their function. For example, it takes abrasive substances leaving dirt and plaque on the teeth. Furthermore, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide are usually used to make teeth cleaner and whiter. When used correctly, hydrogen peroxide can make your teeth white.

  1. Appropriate Fluoride Content

Fluoride is regarded to be an essential substance in toothpaste. It is a natural mineral protecting teeth email layers so that it makes your teeth stronger. It avoids the damage of teeth or gingivitis. Though it sounds great, fluoride is not a safe substance in your body. Thus, make sure that you select the right fluoride content on the toothpaste.

  1. Tartar Control

You can select a type of toothpaste product with tartar control. It functions to remove plaque layers on the teeth surface. It comes from active substances, citrate zinc, and triclosan.

  1. Reading Labels Carefully

It is recommended to check the label carefully. Toothpaste chemical formula is not suitable for all people. The manufacturer usually includes a flavor and saccharine on the label. By reading it carefully, you can prevent chemical substances if you are sensitive to that content.

  1. Low Detergent

Much foam indicates the content of detergent. If you think that much foam will be better, it is wrong. You must choose a toothpaste product with low detergent. Dental Pro 7 is a much-recommended toothpaste product. It contains natural substances and less chemical formula. It means that it is good for mouth and teeth health. You can read the toothpaste chemical formula on Dental Pro 7. You will not find it on the label. You can change your toothpaste with Dental Pro 7.

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