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The Specifications of SonicBrush by Proteeth Dental Care

Some of you may a little bit uncomfortable with the texture of the brush on a toothbrush. This problem makes you lazy to brush your teeth. Proteeth dental care tries to solve this problem by offering its automatic toothbrush known as SonicBursh 2.0. Check the specifications and the way this tool helps you below before using it.

About SonicBrush by Proteeth

SonicBrush is an automatic toothbrush. The difference between SonicBrush and old-fashioned or electric toothbrushes is in its model, technology, and features. Proteeth supports this device with a single button for activation. This model fits enough with your teeth. Let the automatic brush clean your teeth automatically once you push the power button. This dental care offers SonicBrush in 4 different colors, which are black, white, pink, and blue.

Proteeth Dental Care

How SonicBrush by Proteeth Works

Proteeth dental care develops SonicBrush with silicone bristles. This feature vibrates for about one minute once you turn on the power. Put the device on your teeth and let it works. The vibration helps the bristles to clean your teeth from bacteria, leftover food, and impurities. The system is also useful to fight against the gingival brewing problem. SonicBrush works by using a specific technique known as BASS. Interestingly, professional dentists and dental experts recommend this technique to clean up teeth.

The Way to Use SonicBrush by Proteeth

Proteeth offers an automatic toothbrush that easy to use. That’s why this dental care company only uses one button on this device. All you have to do is applying your favorite toothpaste to both sides of the mouthpiece. Then, put the mouthpiece between your top and bottom jaw. Let the bristles vibrate for one minute.

Remove the device from your mouth. That’s it! You can enjoy your clean and white teeth by giving your best smile. Use this product for at least two to three minutes per day for a more maximal result.

The Benefits of Using SonicBrush by Proteeth

Proteeth is not only offering a simple device but also beneficial. For example, the silicone bristles are smooth. The material keeps sensitive people comfortable while brushing their teeth. This product helps to make your teeth healthier by massaging the gums. The process triggers better blood circulation. The better the blood circulation, the healthier your teeth and mouth.

You will see white teeth in the mirror after applying SonicBrush for a few weeks. It is because the product has a cold light. This light works to turn discolored teeth bright white again. Users only have to use this automatic toothbrush a minute a day for one or two months. Proteeth creates a lightweight product, so it is easy to bring anywhere you want.

This product is also simple due to its wireless technology. A SonicBrush with a fully-recharged battery can hold up to 30 uses. You only have to recharge the battery and use it based on the instructions. A fully-recharged battery only takes about 90 minutes. Proteeth Dental Care also provides four modes, which are soft cleaning, strong cleaning, massage gum, and whitening mode. Select one of the modes you need to treat your teeth, gum, and mouth.

Proteeth Dental Care


What People Say about SonicBrush by Proteeth

Most users are happy with this automatic toothbrush. The mouthpiece is smooth and comfortable enough for sensitive users. The features work well based on the functions. As a result, users can use the device right away. The most important thing is that they get a result more than they expect.

What You Get in the Package

A package of SonicBrush by Proteeth Dental Care consists of a SonicBrush 2.0, a charging pad, a USB charging cable, and an English manual. You can use several additional accessories for maximum results. Proteeth Dental Care offers the accessories separately. The accessories are including a foaming toothpaste, replacement head, and a disinfection box.

Sonic Bursh 2.0 VS Dental Pro 7

The Sonic Brush 2.0 toothbrush from Proteeth Dental Care  is perfect for eradicating harmful bacteria with toothpaste, namely Dental Pro 7.

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