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5 Essential Healthy Gums Vitamins

Healthy Gums Vitamins | When the vitamin needs are fulfilled, it can simply strength the system immune of your body and protect it from diseases. On the other hand, the lack of them tends to give some problems including your gum. Well, without proper nutrition, your gum can just be prone to some problems and damages. Make sure to consume foods with the following vitamins to keep your gum health and always in a good condition.

Healthy Gums VitaminsVitamin A

Healthy Gums Vitamins – This vitamin is important to form the connective tissue from the soft bone in the gum. It is functioned to keep your gum health as well as help the saliva flow within the mouth cavity. For enough vitamin A, consume foods like green vegetables, carrots, mango, and fishes.

Vitamin B

Healthy Gums Vitamins – Vitamin B is good to improve the mouth cavity’s health entirely. Meanwhile, this is also used to reduce the possibility of gum problems like swollen and inflammations. It also reduces the risk of inflammation occurred on other parts of the mouth like sprue on the mouth wall and tongue. You can find vitamin B in the grains, meat, nuts, and green vegetables.

Vitamin C

Healthy Gums Vitamins – Vitamin C is known for strengthening the gum as well as making it more resistant towards the bacteria’s attack. On the other hand, vitamin C deficiency causes inflammation and bleeding on the gum. This vitamin is indeed known widely for the health of mouth cavity. Some problems like sprue can be prevented if you have enough daily consumption of vitamin C. Some sources of vitamin C to be consumed are citrus, berries, guava, red peppers, and other fruits with sour tastes.

Vitamin D

In general, vitamin D plays an important role for the calcium absorption. Therefore, it is just good for the bone and teeth. Since teeth and gum are connected to each other, this vitamin is also functioned to keep the gum strong and reduce the risk of gingivitis. Some foods with high content of vitamin D are eggs, milk, and fishes.

Best offer dental pro 7Vitamin K – Healthy Gums Vitamins

The lack of this vitamin K becomes the primary cause of bleeding gum and other health problems inside the mouth cavity. Even the bad breath is also because of the lack of vitamin K although it does not give direct impact. So, make sure to fulfill the needs of this vitamin by consuming the sources including soy, beans, and green vegetables.

Aside from consuming the sources of those vitamins, it is important also to apply a kind of toothpaste especially produced for gum with problems. Dental Pro 7 is a recommended product for its ability to maintain the health of gum as well as healing the gum inflammation, infection, swollen, gingivitis, and more.

Is Dental Pro 7 Healthy Gums Vitamins?

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