Coronavirus Infection | Quickly kill COVID 19 with 0.9% Nacl

Know More About Coronavirus Infection | It has been almost 2 years since the Coronavirus Infection hit the whole world. This dangerous virus has killed so many lives, making people more aware of their health. Apart from becoming more aware of our health, we should also know more about Corona virus infection. By knowing it, we will not panic and know what to do when we are infected with the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Infection

What is Coronavirus Infection?

Coronavirus Infection is a condition when the virus enters the body through the nose. The virus then reproduces itself in the nostrils for 7 days, after 7 days the corona virus will descend to other body parts such as the lungs, heart and small intestine, causing various diseases.

Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus Infection in the nose can be killed with 0.9% Nacl while harmful bacteria in the mouth can be killed with Dental Pro 7

Corona Virus Infection

Coronavirus Infection in the nose can be killed with 0.9% NaCl while harmful bacteria in the mouth can be killed with Dental Pro 7


Coronavirus Infection after entering other parts of the body will develop for 14 days, if the body’s resistance or immunity of the person affected by the corona virus infection cannot kill the virus, death will occur if it is not immediately treated by a doctor.

Coronavirus Infection is transmitted through people who are infected with the corona virus or objects that are contaminated with the virus. The virus itself is a microscopic organism made up of proteins and a shield. Coronavirus Infection can cause different symptoms, depending on the type of virus and the organs affected. However, this condition has common symptoms such as fever, weakness, and muscle and joint pain.

The treatment given also depends on the cause and how severe the symptoms are. Transmission of the virus can be prevented by avoiding exposure, factors that increase the risk of transmission, and vaccination.

From the results of research that Coronavirus Infection cannot live with:

1. Sunlight, so as not to get infected with the virus, sunbathe in the morning. In the house tried to enter the sun.
2. Keep your distance from other people.
3. Using a mask
4. Wash your hands frequently with soap
5. Use 0.9% Na CL to wash the nostrils at least every 6 days.

See Salt

0.9% Na CL can be obtained in pharmacies and drugstores. If it is not available at the pharmacy or drug store you can make your own 0.9% Na CL. The trick is 1 liter of mineral water mixed with 10 grams of sea salt or non-iodized salt, salt until it dissolves in the mineral water.

How Common is Coronavirus Infection?

Coronavirus Infection is the cause of infectious diseases, such as flu, Corona Virus, colds, and so on. The virus that causes this disease is usually easily transmitted. However, some types of viruses can also cause other unusual illnesses. Transmission media such as droplets, blood, other body fluids, and viral resistance can be factors that determine how quickly the virus spreads.

When Should You Go to the Doctor?

When you are sick with a Coronavirus Infection, you need to monitor the symptoms you are experiencing. If your symptoms don’t improve within a few days, it’s best if you see a doctor as soon as possible.

So, you can immediately get a fast and appropriate treatment. You should see a doctor immediately and seek medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms:
• Severe headache.
• Dehydration.
• Fever persists or rises to 38 degrees Celsius.
• Difficulty breathing.
• Vomiting constantly.
• Severe pain in the infected body part.

Coronavirus Infection diagnosis

Doctors can suspect that a patient is suffering from Coronavirus Infection if they see a number of symptoms that have been described previously. However, in some cases of viral infection, the doctor will perform several tests, such as:

  • Complete blood count. This test is done to determine the white blood cell count. He is because the number of white blood cells can increase or decrease due to Coronavirus Infection.
  • CRP or C-Reactive Protein. This test aims to measure the levels of c-reactive protein produced in the liver. Usually, the CRP level of a person infected with the virus will increase, but not more than 50 mg/L.
  • PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction. The PCR test aims to separate and duplicate DNA viruses so that doctors can identify the type of virus that infects more precisely and faster. This PCR test can also be used to detect infections caused by the herpes simplex virus and varicella zoster.

Coronavirus Infection in the nose can be killed with 0.9% NaCl while harmful bacteria in the mouth can be killed with Dental Pro 7

Coronavirus Infection

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