Cause Bleeding Gums: Dental Pro 7 Kill Bacteria

What the Cause bleeding gums

At the moment we’re toothbrush toothbrush seen in blood, where did the blood come from? Gums we have so many blood vessels are small and tight so reddish gum, The Cause Bleeding Gums” when there is inflammation or other disorders. Besides, gums is one of are backers of network gear so what happens to the teeth will affect to gums, and vice versa. Cause Bleeding Gums


Cause Bleeding Gums. Broadly grouped causes bleeding gums into two groups, namely cause of local and systemic causes. Causes of Bleeding gums caused by local problems with teeth and gums itself, are as follows: Dental and Oral Hygiene bad. If someone lazy to brush his teeth and flossing will facilitate formation of plaque, tartar, and calculus (tartar) from remnants of food left on teeth. It can create irritation and inflammation of gums. Inflammation can cause the gums bleed easily and also it can cause swelling of gums.

The Cause Bleeding Gums because of trauma

The Cause Bleeding Gums because of trauma, this can happen because of overzealous brushing teeth or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause trauma to gums. Therefore, we should use a soft bristled brush and replace the old toothbrush every 3 months (but depends on quality toothbrush) Dental oblique or mal-position. The cause of bleeding gum for tooth position tilted or undue gear position will make the food easily trapped there and hard to clean. This usually occurs in rearmost molars (molar 3). If not addressed will cause is surrounding gums to become inflamed and bleed easily.

The Cause of Bleeding Gums for periodontal disease Inflammation of gum (gingivitis) is not treated properly could potentially lead to periodontal disease in which inflammation spreads to the tissues and bone that support the teeth. In addition there may also be bloody even pus between teeth and gums.

Dental Pro 7: The Cause Bleeding Gums systemic cause

The cause of bleeding gums due to systemic, is a systemic cause is a problem in the body as a whole does not mean the local problems Cause Bleeding Gumssuch as the above, are as follows: Lack of vitamin C, in medical terms is called scurvy, occurs when a person rarely eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Scurvy this causes swollen gums, sore and bleed easily. Lack of vitamin K, Vitamin K is an important factor in the blood clotting process. Therefore, if a deficiency of vitamin K will have a tendency body including gum bleed easily.

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The cause bleeding gums which are hormonal changes in women This happens at different stages of a woman’s life like when it reaches puberty, pregnancy or postmenopausal phase. Hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy can make gums more sensitive and bleed easily. Blood Clotting disorders, such as hemophilia, ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) and leukemia, can also increase the likelihood of bleeding gums. Drugs Certain drugs which have the effect of diluting the blood such as warfarin, aspirin, and heparin, the drug if used in excess can cause bleeding gums. Cancer Several types of cancer like leukemia (blood cancer) or multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) can cause bleeding gums.

How to cope with this bleeding gums?

The Cause of Bleeding GumsThen, how to cope with this bleeding gums? Oral hygiene is good is a major step to minimize bleeding gums. Visit the dentist twice a year. Your dentist will tell if there are gingivitis and teach you how to brush your teeth properly. Use a soft toothbrush if the gums were inflamed, especially if the bleeding gums after brushing teeth. If it is so, but still occur bleeding gums, then further investigation if there are any systemic causes must be scheduled.

Regardless of the causes listed above, there may be more causes bleeding gums such as tobacco use (smoking ), stress, radiation therapy, HIV etc. all of which can ultimately lead to gum disease and bleeding gums and this should be identified and addressed. Those are some things that I can say about “the cause of bleeding gums”

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